Residential Document Shredding

A1 DATASHRED brings professional residential document shredding services to your home.

When it’s time to clean house and get rid of those old documents that you have accumulated over the years give A1 DATASHRED a call. We have a great team of experienced shredding professionals ready to assist you.

One Call is all it takes

With just one call we will explain our residential shredding service, answer any questions you have, give you a quote and schedule your home document destruction service. We make it that easy to have your private papers shredded at home. One of our staff will be happy to help you with everything you need to shred your document right away.

Residential Shredding

What Day Do You Want To Shred

We understand everyone is busy these days and we want to make your shredding service as simple and as painless as possible. We offer our residential shredding service Monday through Friday so you pick the day that works best for you.

Personal Shredders Take Too Long

Those personal shredders take forever to shred documents because you can only shred a few papers at a time not to mention that they jam frequently. Our paper shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can shred in minutes what would take you days if not weeks to destroy with one of those small personal shredders.

The Shredding Process

When we arrive at your residence with one of our mobile shredding trucks our driver will knock on your door and introduce himself and then show you his picture ID. Then all you have to do is show him what document you would like shredded and we do all the work. Your papers will be put into a bin that will be locked to protect your files. The bin is then taken to the truck where it will be lifted by an automated system and your papers will be emptied into the shredder. All of your private papers are destroyed right there and then. You can also see your documents being destroyed on a monitor on the side of the truck.

We shred, what you don’t want read.


When someone is coming to your home to perform a service you should comfortable at all times. With A1 DATASHRED you will be. All of our employees must go through one of the most comprehensive screening processes that include background checks and drug testing. A1 DATASHRED gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you hired a shredding service you can trust. Our employees are also well trained to make your shredding experience a positive and easy one.

Green Paper Shredding

Our document destruction service not only protects your personal information but it also helps the environment. All of the paper we shred is recycled and used to make other paper products. One ton of shredded papers saves 17 trees from being harvested.

To start shredding just give A1 DATASHRED a call today!