Massachusetts businesses and residents can protect their confidential information and help the environment at the same time with A1 DATASHRED’s onsite document destruction service.

Some Facts about Paper Waste

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Shredding Reduces Paper Waste

Document destruction’s main purpose is to protect the confidential information of residents and businesses in Massachusetts from the perils of identity theft and corporate espionage.  The added benefit is how it helps the environment.  All of the documents that A1 DATASHRED destroys are recycled.  The recycled shredded paper is sent to a paper mill that will turn it back into paper pulp.  The pulp is then used to make other paper products such as writing paper, newspapers and paper towels. You might even end up using some of your old office documents as toilet tissue.  Every ton of shredded paper that is recycled will save 17 trees plus many other natural resources.

Start Green Shredding

Give A1 DATASHRED a call and we will go over what you would like to do.  We can then recommend a document destruction service that takes all of your needs and concerns in to account.  On the same call we will give you a great quote that gives you all of the costs upfront.  If you’re ready you can also schedule your service appointment.

Environmental Shredding for Business

A1 DATASHRED of two green options to dispose of your business records, Onetime and Schedule document destruction services.

One-time shredding will allow you to have professional onsite destruction of your company files only when you need it.  We don’t have any requirement for a volume of paper to shred or a required minimum number of visits we have to make to your office.  You could need us just once or a few times it is entirely up to you.

Scheduled shredding is for when you want to destroy business records and protect the environment on an ongoing basis.  We will provide you with security containers for you to dispose of your documents in so they no longer go into the regular trash and end up in a landfill or in the hands of an identity thief.  The containers are provided in a quantity sufficient to makes their access convenient for all of your employees.  Then A1 Datashred will come to your office and empty the containers and destroy the contents.  You can have a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or a monthly schedule.

Residential Shredding

Every resident in Massachusetts is required to separate their trash into rubbish and recyclables.  Recycling is not protection of your private information because you papers are accessible to anyone in a recycle bin.  When you have your documents destroyed by A1 Datashred your private information is no longer readable and the paper is also recycled.  Residential shredding protects you and the environment so it is a win win situation.

Hard Drive Destruction

The physical destruction of your old hard drives is important to make sure that the information on them never gets into the wrong hands but you may be surprised to learn that it is also protects the environment.  A hard drive is made up on metal, glass and plastic.  When a hard drive is destroyed it is turned into pieces.  The destroyed hard drive is sent to a recycler that separates all of the material used to make the hard drive so they can be recycled and not end up in a landfill.

Give A1 Datashred a call we would love to help you with destroying your documents in an environmentally friendly way.

If you have had a chance to browse our website, you may have noticed that we are AAA NAID Certified.  If you aren’t familiar with this association, it may not mean a whole lot to you initially, but we want you to understand the significance behind this industry standards association.

the importance of NAID

To start, NAID stands for National Association for Information Destruction, and this group has done tremendous work for consumers in the document destruction industry. NAID is a standards setting body for the information destruction industry and is well recognized at the government level. It operates all over the world, verifying that document destruction professionals are providing solutions and operating their business as legislation mandates. If you are a certified member you are responsible for practicing certain procedures that ensure a high level of security and quality assurance for clients.

NAID’s certification program was designed and put into place by information security experts around the globe. Members who hold this certification may also undergo random audits to check that all commitments to the association and customers are being met properly.

The obligation to confirm companies have written policies that use the accurate legal terms and meet existing legal standards, actually falls on to the customer. If a customer partners with a document shredding company that does not run its business in line with the necessary legal standards and as a result the customer runs into legal trouble, the onus is not on the destruction company, but rather the customer.  NAID Certification is extremely important as a customer for this very reason. Part of the certification requires that data destruction firms have written policies which include the correct terminology, and comply with existing federal laws where relevant. This is a measure designed to keep customers protected and secure.

With this knowledge in mind, we highly recommend that you consider working with a NAID Certified shredding company. Of course there are companies who operate without NAID Certification who may do perfectly acceptable work, but the risk here is that there is simply no way or guarantee for the customer if something goes wrong.


We are proud to notify you that we are AAA NAID Certified and with this we maintain or exceed the standards to ensure our operations meet your legal compliance. A1 DATASHRED cooperates with other NAID members to ensure the document destruction community remains secure. All of our services and operations have been created to fall well within the scope of legal responsibilities for customers in all industries.

A1 DATASHRED is ready to bring our wealth of experience and shredding expertise to clients throughout the area of Boston.

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It is more imperative than ever, for organizations of all specializations and sizes take the necessary precautions to protect private business matters.  With that said, financial institutions and banks have an even higher expectation to maintain confidentiality for their business and clients, as the bulk of data dealt with pertains to financial details.

Operating and managing a bank comes with many key accountabilities and procedures that must be put in place to keep confidential information private. Failing to safeguard this data could lead to exposure, leaving your customers extremely vulnerable. Information theft continues to be an increasing concern and could be threatening to the reputation you’ve worked hard to create. Be sure you are taking the steps needed are storing records when necessary and securely shredding those documents that need protection.

document shredding for financial institutions

At A1 DATASHRED we realize how challenging it can be to manage hundreds of documents that are bound to circulate throughout your office, especially when you are spending all of your time focusing on day to day business tasks that require your 100% dedication. Our solutions are in place to make it easy for you; no stress or hassle when it comes to this process because our professional team will look after you entirely. Our flexible document shredding services are convenient as they can get, performed directly at your location for your security. On the other hand if preferred, we can collect your sensitive records and transport them to our facility for destruction purposes. Our shredding services will help dramatically in keeping your company compliant, as we will design a customized schedule and program with you that meet your needs and budgetary requirements. Of course we’ll also ensure that shredding is completed to align with your institution’s due diligence and document shredding policy.  We guarantee our clients’ security and keep information protected from the minute it’s in our hands, through until the shredding is carried out. Customer information will never leave our secure chain of custody until it has been adequately destroyed.

How does the shred process work anyways? A qualified shred specialist will, with your agreement and supervision, collect your private documents and proceed to shred at your location or at our secure facility. Our highly advanced shred technology and equipment will shred in seconds what would probably take numerous hours to complete with an office shredder. Shredding is executed with ease and little distraction, and at the end of each shred job, we’ll present you with a “Certificate of Destruction” for your records, which clearly outlines the secure shredding did in fact take place the way you were told. Keep this for peace of mind and for your own personal records, if it is at all needed down the road.

A1 DATASHRED provides clients with reliable and compliant services, working with the following industries:

Banks are legally obliged to shred multiple documents such as members’ checks, statements, and reports. Our team is here to help you improve your document control system. A1 DATASHRED wants to save you time and money; take advantage of our effective solutions!

Get in touch with our professionals to set up a suitable shredding schedule for your financial institution.  We are also more than pleased to speak to you about our destruction services. Interested in prices? Ask for a free, no-obligation quote.