Identity theft isn’t fun…

Especially, if it’s tax identity theft and someone steals your refund. Unfortunately, it happens way too often and often spikes around tax season.

Most of the time, taxpayers don’t know they’re a victim of identity theft until they try to file their taxes. Only then do they realize that a tax return has already been filed using their social security number or tax ID.

For most people, finding out that you’re a victim of tax identity theft is scary. Not to mention a serious headache. That’s why we put together a few quick tips to help you if you become a victim.

3 Steps That Will Help You Recover From Identity Theft

File a Complaint with the FTC

Before you do anything, the FTC recommends filing a complaint with them. You can either fill out a form online or call 1-877-438-4338. Make sure to include as many details as possible. Then, will create an Identity Theft recovery plan for you.

Place a Fraud Alert on your credit records

After you file a complaint, contact one of the three credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit records. It doesn’t matter which credit bureau you contact because they have to tell the other two.




A fraud alert will make it harder for someone to open up new accounts or lines of credit in your name. Then, get your free credit report at Look through your report for any transactions that you don’t recognize or any accounts you didn’t open.

File a police report

Last, you need to take a trip down to your local police department. Tell them someone stole your identity and you need to file a report. Make sure to bring any proof of the identity theft with you. Before you leave the police department get a copy of the report.

How To Choose The Best Paper Shredding Company: Ask These 5 Questions

Hiring a paper shredding company for the first time can be a stressful experience. It’s one thing to destroy your confidential documents with a little shredder a home but, it’s another thing to hire a company to do it. That is why we put together 5 questions for you to ask each potential shredding company.

Do You Offer Locked Containers?

Whether you work for a large cooperation or in a small home office, you need locked containers. While it may not seem like a deal breaker when deciding between shredding companies, it is. Having a place to store confidential documents until shredding is important. A reputable shredding company offers a variety of containers with a locking lid.

What Type of Services Do You Offer?

Make sure to choose a shredding company that offers a variety of services. On-Site shredding (or mobile shredding) service is the most secure and convenient option available. The shredding truck arrives at your location and shreds the documents on-site. The other option is Off-Site shredding. This means that the material is brought back to the company’s facility for shredding.

Are Your Employees Subject to Background Checks?

The answer to this question should always be, “Yes!” Employees handling confidential information should be subject to a criminal background check and drug tests by an independent contractor. Don’t take a company’s word for it, ask them for proof.

Will I Get a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction is an important document for your records. It verifies that certain materials were destroyed on a specific date and time.

Are You AAA NAID Certified?

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the trade association for businesses providing information destruction services. Only shredding companies offering the highest level of security are “AAA Certified”. But, Be Aware. Many shredding companies claim to be AAA NAID Certified but, they aren’t. Ask a shredding company for their NAID AAA Certified logo as proof of their standing.