You may consider the office shredder as being a very resourceful tool for your workplace; after all, it can shred paper for hours upon end if need be. The question is does this approach to document shredding provide the security your business needs? Contrary to many beliefs, an office shredder doesn’t actually shred documents into particles, but rather shreds information into strips of paper. These strips can be put back together by anyone who is determined to do so, which can lead to a substantial risk of identity theft. So with that said, if you are currently using an office shredder, you may want to look at alternative solutions for the sake of your security.

There are professional services that specifically offer paper shredding but, what if you can’t reach their facility because it’s too far away or perhaps you are simply too busy to schedule an appointment? We’ve got options for you. In this case, we are referring to on-site shredding services from A1DATASHRED. What is on-site shredding? In simple terms, on-site document shredding is exactly how it sounds – shredding completed directly on your property. Our mobile shred trucks arrive at your location at a specified time that works for your schedule, and through the use of our professional and certified staff along with our shredding trucks, records are destroyed beyond recovery. You can even watch as your documents get destroyed into much smaller pieces than what an office shredder is capable of.

Once the shredding is completed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction to ensure that your documents are not only destroyed, but also unrecoverable and completed in accordance with state privacy legislation. You can book an appointment at any time and we’ll provide you with the necessary security bins for your documents, if required. On-site paper shredding services are easy to use and safer for the environment and for your personal security.

At A1 DATASHRED we can provide you with our on-site shredding services. We can not only help you destroy your documents in a secure way, but also in an affordable way. You can bring in any documents that you need to shred and we also provide data shredding services for hard drive shredding.

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Large organizations, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and other major companies have several things in common, but one in particular stands out. They all use computers for generating, sharing and storing electronic data. With so many computers and such a significant amount of information being processed and sent online, how can you be sure that your information is in fact secure, even if it’s stored on hard drives?


As industry professionals of secure media destruction, serving the Boston and nearby areas, we want you to understand and be aware of the many forms of hard drive destruction, in comparison to degaussing processes.



Media and hard drive shredding services will assist greatly in your overall information management, and organization, all while reducing your internal costs. Our services can be tailored to suit your needs and budgetary requirements. Ensuring you have your hard drives destroyed by professionals means that you are taking active steps in protecting your company from the threats of information theft and data breach. It can be extremely challenging having to recover from such a loss as your reputation and finances are at stake in the event you fall victim. Don’t let it happen to you.


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