Following the summer months, starting a new season and getting back into the swing of things can sometimes come with extra paperwork.  I think we can speak for most business owners in saying that, it is never an enjoyable task to sort through bills, contracts and invoices, but it’s a job that every business has to ensure gets done for the sake of their company’s success and general organization.

The way in which you are storing and disposing of critical business records that are no longer applicable, or are past their retention period, is one of the most important processes that should be at the forefront of every business.

Sadly, not every business in Boston is practicing safe document shredding or information theft wouldn’t take place as often as it is currently. We highly suggest that you take extra caution when dealing with the disposal of financial records and other sensitive records; for the sake of your reputation and because of the security risks involved. This is one of the biggest mistakes someone can make, as throwing away critical private data, often leaves your business considerably vulnerable to outside threats. If the wrong individual gets their hands on these juicy details as a result, it could be enough information to carry out a criminal act or a fraudulent activity of some sort.

Each business document, regardless if it contains financial information or not, is flooded with private information. Your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and bank account number need to be secured at all times to prevent the chances of unauthorized exposure. At the end of the day, if you aren’t effectively shredding your unwanted documents, they may be collected by someone else. Dumpster Diving is real, (and legal), and can result in numerous losses to your company.

Document Shredding Protects You from the Risks of Dumpster Diving

Is it that likely an individual will take the time to rummage through your trash anyways? While you may be surprised to learn differently, if there is motivation time and the right mindset, there are members of the public who will make an effort to pick a part your garbage without you even realizing it.

Never underestimate what identity thieves are capable of, even with the smallest tidbit of information. If a criminal is determined and equipped with the necessary resources to perform a crime, you may soon be faced with an empty bank account or credit cards under your name you didn’t sign up for. When in doubt, always have your files professionally shred! It’s the easiest and most reliable form of document disposal.

Stay Secure with Professional Document Shredding

When you partner with A1 DATASHRED to shred your sensitive financial and records, we promise that we will handle your documents with the highest level of professionalism and care, shredding documents appropriately according to applicable state privacy laws. Your company will remain secure and in full compliance. While identity theft can be damaging, with some simple reminders and precautions, you can reduce general risk. Don’t put your employees and staff in a situation where they will be vulnerable. Rather, take appropriate steps in preventing information theft through document destruction.

We would look forward to discussing with you, your specific needs and budget, designing a document shredding program that’s fitting to your company’s needs. Get in touch with A1 DATASHRED in Boston for more details on our shredding options, and how they can keep your business secure.

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Data breach is an unfortunate reality and it affects millions of people across the globe; sometimes it can occur without warning, but in many cases it can be prevented through proper security processes within your business. To have confidence in knowing that your business is in fact compliant with the laws surrounding information security and document shredding, it is important you follow some simple rules; the first being the easiest but most important: Stay organized and clutter-free. This means check that desks are free from endless piles of records and that your cabinets aren’t overflowing with outdated documentation.

Bottom line; a workplace that is untidy could create a very vulnerable environment for a security breach to occur.

While identity thieves are continuously highlighted in the news as the number one cause for fraud and information theft, it is important to realize there needs to be specific internal changes made within your office to stop data breach from occurring in the first place. Turning to shredding services is by far the most reliable decision that ensures critical documents are never exposed, however there are more steps to keep in mind before document shredding takes place.

Here are some common security threats and ways in which you can prevent them:

Garbage Beside the Printer

When a garbage can is next to a printer, you can bet it’ll be used for more than just “garbage”. Confidential business information that’s printed by accident, or printed multiple times will likely land in this garbage can simply due to the fact that it’s convenient and easy. This is a major security threat however, as it leaves information vulnerable to dumpster divers who are seeking identifiable information that can be used to commit data breach crimes.

Solution:  Any confidential documents that are no longer needed should be kept in a lockable collection container before they are collected by your shredding service. This guarantees that they are stored in a secure environment where they will not be mistaken for garbage.

Recycling Bin

Like a garbage bin next to your printer, an open recycling bin can be risky business too; far too often documents get tossed in any bin positioned next to a printing area, and this is due to sheer convenience. With this in mind, many companies are getting rid of office-sized recycling bins entirely to stop sensitive records from entering blue bins. Dumpster divers will locate these documents and steal any juicy details they find to be helpful.

Solution: While every workplace should have a thorough recycling program in place, a separate shredding process should be implemented for the destruction of confidential paper. All paper should be shred prior to recycling, so introducing a shred-all policy within your workplace is an excellent way to simplify the process for employees, and it limits the chance of employee error as well.

Key for Security Bin

The keys for your collection bins should always be stored in a safe and secure spot. Remember that if you have a key left out in sight, it’s essentially free game for anyone who is curious or has other intentions, to access your documents. It’s not something anyone wants to believe, but unfortunately theft happens internally all of the time; keys that aren’t secured away could be tempting to wandering eyes in your office.

Solution:  Keep the key in a secured storage room or cabinet, and only grant access to specific employees in management ideally. Having said that, it is truly in your best interest to hire a shredding service, such as A1 DATASHRED, who will provide your business with locked consoles to place throughout your office as you wish. Highly qualified trained personnel will then collect, remove, and securely shred all material through the use of our mobile shred truck.  Outsourcing your shredding services is the only form of document management that guarantees your business will remain compliant and secure.

Don’t risk it!

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