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6 Information Theft Facts To Keep In Mind

Time and time again we get reminded that information theft is on the rise. It comes in many forms and at all times of day. Internal fraud is a horrible thought, that trusted people within your organization would do this, but it does happen. A careless information disposal process can lead to some dumpster diver finding a treasure trove of private information they can exploit. A door that’s meant to be locked can act as the access point for an aspiring villain should it be left ajar, and maybe that door leads right to your server room.

In this day and age of computers and the internet we have even more potential for attack from the far reaches of the web. Cyber security mistakes can cost you more than embarrassment and a slap on the wrist. Loss of trust and finances, years of battling ahead of you in an attempt to recover. At the end of the day you may not ever come back to what you were before things went pear shaped.

With all that said, let’s look at 6 information theft facts that might just make the difference for your information security efforts.

The 6 Facts

Be wary of public Wi-Fi

The miracle of having wi-fi nearly everywhere these days is still impressive when one stops to think of it. Having access to the greatest library of information in human history right at your fingertips whenever you want. With greater access comes greater risk. A nefarious individual, properly prepared, can monitor your activity and capture any web credentials you might happen to use. Still think it’s ok to do your banking through public wi-fi?

Identity theft is always happening

Back in the olden days of 2017, it’s estimated that a new victim of identity theft is created every 2 seconds. Yes, you did in fact read that properly, every 2 seconds. A big reason for this is our old friend the internet. Having too many accounts and putting too much information out there are all avenues of risk. Consolidate your accounts, close old ones you no longer use, limit how much private information you put out there.

Personal information sells

So you have personal information out there somewhere, and maybe someone steals it. It could be your social security number, might be some medical records, or something as simple as your credit card information. The thief might not necessarily actively use it to commit fraud. Instead they can auction it to the highest bidder, making a handy little profit off your credentials, and slipping away while someone else goes about using them.

A breach in finances can clean you out

We’ve all got this nightmare of waking up one day and finding our hard earned cash gone like dust in the wind. Sometimes nightmares come true. It can only take a moment for someone with your information to clean out all your accounts, leaving you with nothing. What about instead of taking all your money, they take out massive loans in your name? You’re going to have a hard time proving it wasn’t you.

Children are targets to

Sad to say that kids aren’t any safer from information theft than the rest of us. If your child was targeted it may take years for you to find out. Children are less likely to get their information checked over until they have come of age. It’ll come as a shock when something comes up while applying for that first job.

No one is 100% safe

Well there it is, not too much else to say. We can do everything right, take all necessary steps, be as secure as possible, and still become a victim of information theft. Despite that, we still must do everything we can do prevent it.

That’s All Folks

We’ve hit our 6 facts, and hopefully you will take something away from them. If you’re interested in knowing more, Norton has a great article of 15 information theft facts you can check out. Heed what you have read here and elsewhere. The best defense is a good education on the topic so you can be as prepared as possible.

January 20, 2020