Community Shredding Events

Community Shredding Events are a great way to say thank you to clients, constituents, the local community and bring awareness to identity theft. Community Shredding Events are also a good fund raiser for your charities, schools and church’s. For a low hourly rate, A1 DATASHRED will come to the location of your choice with one or more of our paper shredding trucks and shred as many documents as you and your guests can bring for the number of hours you have decided to host your event. Contact us today to schedule your Community Shredding Event or to receive a quote.

A1 DATASHRED will partner with your business or organization to work with you to have a successful community shredding events to help your community or bring in potential new clients along with strengthening existing customer relationships.

It is Important to Pick the right Shredding company

A1 DATASHRED is an established company in the community with a good reputation for integrity and excellent customer service. We will be happy to provide references so you can be comfortable with your partner in your shredding event.

Where You Should Hold Your Shredding Event

Your shredding event will be more successful if it is held at a location that is a high traffic area with easy access. Consider having your shredding event at an office parking lot, library, school lot, mall, shopping center, apartment complexes or local-park.

What is a Community Shredding Event?

A Community Shredding Event is usually a one-day event that lasts from 2 to 8 hours. Our mobile shredding truck is brought onsite to shred the documents of your guests. A shredding event is usually hosted by a company, bank, real estate agency, town, non-profit, local politician or community organization at an easily accessible location.

What is the cost of a Community Shredding Event?

We charge an hourly rate to the host of the event. The rate is based on the number of shredding trucks you want for the event and staffing. For shredding events that are hosted Monday through Friday we have a 2-hour minimum. For events that are hosted on Saturday and Sunday we have a 4-hour minimum.

How to Make your Community Shred Day Successful

After you establish a time and location for you Shredding Event get the word out! Letting everyone know about your shredding event in as many ways as possible will make your event more successful.

  • Post flyers wherever you are permitted around your local community.
  • Use public information boards at Libraries, grocery stores, pharmacies.
  • Use Social media like Facebook.
  • Contact with local media like TV, radio and newspapers.
  • Post online events on sites like the Patch.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Get volunteers to call family and friends to spread the word.

Your Shredding Event Helps the Environment

Community Shredding Events usually generates tons of shredded paper. All of that shredded paper is recycled and used to make other paper products. Every ton of shredded paper that is recycled saves 17 trees from being harvested.

Need More Information or are you ready to schedule your shredding event? Just give A1 DATASHRED a call.

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