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Cyber Security is More Crucial than Ever: Here’s What You Need to Know

As a business owner presumably, you are familiarized with cyber security and what it entails, at least to a certain extent. However, it can also cause some confusion at times so below we will cover some standard facts and knowledge surrounding the topic, ensuring you have all the information needed to properly protect your business from common cyber threats and hacking mechanisms being practiced today.

To start, you might wonder exactly what cyber security covers? To keep things relatively brief, cyber security refers to maintaining safety and security over your electronic devices in hopes to prevent attacks from happening.  Such devices might include computers and smartphones, as well as networks and software programs from being attacked electronically. With each of these attacks comes the desire to alter, access or destroy certain forms of data; which is almost always confidential in nature. With some attacks, the mission in place is to gain money and nothing else; this can target individuals while they are on scrolling on their phone or personal device, which can lead to some serious issues for companies as many depend on cell phones, laptops, and computer-based processes to function day-to-day.

A Human Element

Cyber security needs multiple components to effectively work. While maintaining security software and network hardware is smart and highly encouraged, a cyber security protocol also depends on smart usage and behavior from users operating the devices. What does this include? To start, you’ll want to confirm that every password you’re coming up with is strong and difficult to guess. You’ll also want to refrain from using websites that raise red flags or appear suspicious, because they are likely lacking security. Always do your research and verify that the website you’re visiting is credible and trustworthy before supplying any personal details about yourself or company.

Email is another area where user discretion is highly suggested. It is quite common for networks and devices to experience infection as a result of malicious software. This can occur by simply opening an email/attachment. It can happen so quickly without any warning signs. Take a good look at the sender and their email address to verify whether it’s recognizable or legitimate and stay away from opening anything that appears untrustworthy.  To learn more about how to identify suspicious emails, and to test your ability, take a look at Cisco’s phishing quiz.

Types of Cyber Attack

Hackers have very strategic approaches in place to obtain your confidential data. A trustworthy and strong cyber security protocol will work to shield against most of them. While there are many different mechanisms out there, here is a brief summary of the most commonly used;

  • Phishing – You’ve likely received an email in the past that appeared to be coming from a secure source but in the end was not; this is exactly what phishing is about. An email that comes from malicious senders posing as trustworthy senders with the intent of fooling the user into offering up sensitive information such as credit card or banking information.
  • Malware – Malware is software that is programmed to recover information on your device without permission. There are many forms of malware that all function uniquely from one another.
  • Ransomware – This is a more serious form of cyber-attack. Ransomware basically blocks access to information on a computer system or network and presents the user with a screen requesting payment for the release of this protected data.

Cyber security is more critical than ever before. Why? As many companies convert to electronic data storage, operating electronically as a whole, more and more information is being shared and stored this way. Without the proper security measures in place, this can invite in potential trouble; hackers gaining confidential details that should be kept private. Ensuring you are protected from such threats should be a top priority. When you make the decision to maintain a strong cyber security protocol and establish relationships with partners you can depend on to keep your information secure, you are taking the proper actions towards cyber security.

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Stay safe online and practice the necessary security and software to ensure you are protected from hackers. What about those old hard drives you have tucked away in your storage room? We’ll safely destroy them, so you don’t have to worry about the status of your security or privacy. Taking these steps is vital in remaining protected from possible threats!

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July 10, 2019