Business Shredding

Business Shredding Services

We Make Document Shredding Easy for your Business in the Boston area!

When you need document destruction services for your Boston area or Massachusetts business, you only have to make one call to A1 DATASHRED. Whether you need to destroy business records just once, or require document shredding on an ongoing basis, A1 DATASHRED will accommodate your needs.

Make the Call

We have experienced people waiting to help you with your file shredding needs. Our information destruction services will be explained to you and we are happy answer any of your questions. After you decide on the shredding option that meets your needs we can give you a very fair and easy to understand quote. Then all you have to do is tell us when you would like A1 DATASHRED to come and destroy your business records or start your ongoing shredding program.

Shredding Options

Every business in Massachusetts has different needs when it comes to destroying their business files. A1 DATASHRED offers two flexible onsite services that will meet all of those needs, One-time and Scheduled shredding services.

One-time Shredding – Our onetime service is for any business that needs professional paper shredding services but just not that often. We will come to your business location and destroy your confidential business papers only when you call for it. We don’t have any frequency requirement so you could call us to come destroy your files just once or few times it’s entirely up to you.

Scheduled Shredding – Our Scheduled Shredding service is for the ongoing protection of your business records even when you need to discard them. We start by providing you with our locking consoles and bins that stay in your offices for you and your staff to dispose of your business documents. These containers are secure and protect your papers until they are shredded. Then A1 DATASHRED comes to your location to empty each container and destroy the files on a regular schedule. You can choose an automatic schedule that is weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly. Our scheduled document destruction service takes the guess work out of shredding and makes it part of the normal course of running your company.

What to Shred

Take the guess work out of what documents should be shredded, shred every document. Half of all the documents you use in business have information on them that federal and state privacy laws require they be shredded before they are thrown away. Don’t waste valuable time or take a chance of missing a confidential document, shred every piece of paper when they are no longer needed.

On-Site Shredding

A1 DATASHRED is a mobile shredding company. We have a fleet of industrial strength paper shredding trucks that will come to your Boston area or Massachusetts business location and destroy your private files onsite. No other option is more secure and more convenient than having your records destroyed right in front of you at your location.

Your Shredded Business Files Are Recycled

Your shredded documents are valuable to the environment. All of the business records we destroy are recycled. The recycled shredded paper is used to make many other paper products thereby reducing the need to harvest trees. One ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees.

Give us a call we are looking forward to helping you.

We shred, what you don’t want read.