Off-Site and Plant Based Document Shredding

A1 DATASHRED makes Boston off-site shredding secure!

Our off-site or plant based shredding service gives you the option to have us pick up your files that need to be destroyed or you can bring them to us.

Off-site shredding services is an ideal solution for businesses and residents that need to securely destroy confidential papers but don’t need to see the documents being destroyed.

Off Site Shredding

How Off-Site Shredding Works

It starts by you giving us a call so we can discuss how much you have to shred so we can give you a quote. During the same call we will be able to answer any questions you have and schedule your off-site service whether you would like us to pick up your documents or you want to bring them to us on your own.

If We Pick Up

When we arrive to pick up your files we will load your boxes onto one of our secure vehicles or we can put your papers into our security bins that will be locked. Once your documents arrive at our secure facility they will be unloaded and put into a secure area. Your documents will be destroyed within one business day of arrival at our facility. From pick up, transport and shredding we will maintain a strict Chain-of-Custody that will document the off-site shredding process.

If You Bring Your Files To Us

One of our staff will take your documents and put them into a secure bin that will be locked, that bin is then taken to a secure restricted area. You will be asked to sign a receipt for the papers that you have released to us for destruction. Your files will be shredded within one business day of receipt.

Our Secure Facility

The security of your documents is protected at all times at our facility. Our facility is one of the most secure in the shredding industry. The facility remains locked at all times and is also equipped with the most advance security systems that is monitored 24/7 by an outside certified independent central station.

What Happens to My Shredded Documents

After your files have been destroyed so the information is unrecoverable, the shredded paper is recycled and used to make other paper products.

Give A1 DATASHRED a call today so we can help you with your off-site shredding needs.

We shred, what you don’t want read.