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Drop-off Shredding: Easy And Secure To Use

There are plenty of document shredding services available these days, so many that you are bound to find something that will fit your needs rather quickly. There is a big push for using on-site service as it is the most popular for good reasons. However, there are times when you might not want services to come right to your location, so you need another option. Fortunately that option does exist: drop-off shredding is exactly what you’re looking for. But is it as easy and secure as something like on-site shredding? We think it is!

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Drop-off Shredding Is Easy!

You may be wondering how simple the process truly is. We say it’s too easy! Let’s look at how exactly it all works so you can understand why that is. For those of you familiar with on-site service, you’ll know that all you have to do is securely store your documents until the shredding truck arrives. They pick up the records and then destroy them before your very eyes. This is essentially the exact same as drop-off shredding, except there’s a little more leg work on your part, which isn’t truly an obstacle if you’re already considering this option.

All you must do now is deliver the documents to be shred to one of our secure shred facilities yourself! Otherwise the process remains the same between the two services. Now that’s really not so bad is it? If traveling is truly an obstacle for you, then we have a surprise for you. We can still swing by your location to pick up documents if you so wish, and take them back to our facility for secure shredding.

Still Secure

And now the security question: is it truly as secure as watching documents get destroyed on-site? Yes, of course it is! For starters, if you do come along and drop off in person, you can still watch the shredding action happen. We’ll do it right in front of you, just like if we came to your location.

If you’re simply dropping and going, our security is still at the same high levels as it always is. We don’t put on a whole song and dance only when you are there. We are certified to adhere to the highest levels of security by the industry. And that’s a certification we are proud to have, and always work hard to keep. As always, a certificate of destruction will be awarded to you upon completion of shredding for your records.

Ready To Start?

If all that sounds good to you, and it seems like the service for you, give us a shout to let us know. We’re ready for you to drop by when you are!

February 3, 2021