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Dumpster Diving is a Real Occurrence: Here’s How to Protect Your Boston Business

Following the summer months, starting a new season and getting back into the swing of things can sometimes come with extra paperwork.  I think we can speak for most business owners in saying that, it is never an enjoyable task to sort through bills, contracts and invoices, but it’s a job that every business has to ensure gets done for the sake of their company’s success and general organization.

The way in which you are storing and disposing of critical business records that are no longer applicable, or are past their retention period, is one of the most important processes that should be at the forefront of every business.

Sadly, not every business in Boston is practicing safe document shredding or information theft wouldn’t take place as often as it is currently. We highly suggest that you take extra caution when dealing with the disposal of financial records and other sensitive records; for the sake of your reputation and because of the security risks involved. This is one of the biggest mistakes someone can make, as throwing away critical private data, often leaves your business considerably vulnerable to outside threats. If the wrong individual gets their hands on these juicy details as a result, it could be enough information to carry out a criminal act or a fraudulent activity of some sort.

Each business document, regardless if it contains financial information or not, is flooded with private information. Your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and bank account number need to be secured at all times to prevent the chances of unauthorized exposure. At the end of the day, if you aren’t effectively shredding your unwanted documents, they may be collected by someone else. Dumpster Diving is real, (and legal), and can result in numerous losses to your company.

Document Shredding Protects You from the Risks of Dumpster Diving

Is it that likely an individual will take the time to rummage through your trash anyways? While you may be surprised to learn differently, if there is motivation time and the right mindset, there are members of the public who will make an effort to pick a part your garbage without you even realizing it.

Never underestimate what identity thieves are capable of, even with the smallest tidbit of information. If a criminal is determined and equipped with the necessary resources to perform a crime, you may soon be faced with an empty bank account or credit cards under your name you didn’t sign up for. When in doubt, always have your files professionally shred! It’s the easiest and most reliable form of document disposal.

Stay Secure with Professional Document Shredding

  • It’s important to never toss information in your trash can that may reference a Social Security Number, driver’s license number, or bank account numbers.
  • Old credit and debit cards should be adequately destroyed for optimal security. Outsourcing this job to a trusted provider in the industry like A1 DATASHRED is your best bet for protection.
  • All financial records should also be included in your shred pile for professional shredding purposes. An open recycling bin is an immediate threat to your security and should be avoided at all costs for the disposal of sensitive content.

When you partner with A1 DATASHRED to shred your sensitive financial and records, we promise that we will handle your documents with the highest level of professionalism and care, shredding documents appropriately according to applicable state privacy laws. Your company will remain secure and in full compliance. While identity theft can be damaging, with some simple reminders and precautions, you can reduce general risk. Don’t put your employees and staff in a situation where they will be vulnerable. Rather, take appropriate steps in preventing information theft through document destruction.

We would look forward to discussing with you, your specific needs and budget, designing a document shredding program that’s fitting to your company’s needs. Get in touch with A1 DATASHRED in Boston for more details on our shredding options, and how they can keep your business secure.

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October 30, 2018