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Here’s How We’re Doing Our Part To Help The Environment

One of our primary goals with the various paper shredding, and electronic disposal services is the continued support of recycling efforts. This is very important to us as reducing the impact on the environment is critical for us all. Climate change is an undeniable fact, and our environmental impact is accelerating that process. Reducing our impact will help to bring things in to balance again, and just generally make a cleaner and far more pleasant world to live in.

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How We’re Lowering Environmental Impact

One of our primary methods of lowering our impact is recycling all the shredded paper material generated from a shred job. With the sheer volume of paper still being used in the world today, the impact of replacing everything one to one is huge. However, the savings of recycling even just one ton of paper goes a long way.

Recycling One Ton of Paper

Let’s look at some of the savings that can be achieved by recycling just one ton of paper. As you read the following, consider just how much savings we can achieve as we scale recycling operations.

17 mature trees: Trees are one of nature’s air filters, taking in CO2 and releasing clean oxygen. Furthermore, they provide essential habitats to many animals, and are overall an integral part of the ecosystem.

7,000 gallons of water: Water is essential for all life on this planet. There is only a limited amount of freshwater easily available.

3 cubic yards of landfill space: Landfills take up an ever increasing amount of space. The garbage has to go somewhere after all, but it requires the destruction of natural habitats to create them.

2 barrels of oil: Oil is very controversial these days, but it’s impact is clear. By lowering our need for it, we lower its impact on the environment.

4,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity: There is only so much power to go around, and much of it comes from non-renewable sources. Lowering the overall need for it lowers the non-renewables impact as a whole while we search for clean energy sources.

All of that comes from just one ton of paper. Just the one. Now start multiplying that many times over, and the benefit for the environment, and us by extension, becomes clear. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help push forward sustainability, and we make it easy for everyone to help contribute as well.

If you’re interested in keeping your private information safe while pushing forward sustainability, give us a shout, and we’ll help you with both!

March 31, 2021