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If You’re Not Shredding More Than Paper, Here’s Why You Should Be

Shredding sensitive documents when you are no longer referring to them is smart and ultimately a great step towards protecting your privacy. With that said, however, the growth of the digital age has required us to shift our attention towards more than just paper. Computer hacking and dumpster diving are becoming increasingly more prevalent, as the ability to steal sensitive information from recycled or disposed-of electronic devices is real and can be very damaging to those affected by it. These items include old cell phones, computers and most importantly, hard drives. You may be surprised to learn that many files can be retrieved from an old device even if it was previously “wiped clean.” Is it time to think about how you’ve been handling the disposal of your electronic data? Are you doing it safely?

Do you have plans to update your entire computer system or even just one computer in your office? Throwing out a defective electronic device will always leave room for a data breach if done incorrectly. Thankfully there is the perfect solution for this, and we guarantee a positive outcome for our clients! A1 DATASHRED is pleased to offer hard drive destruction services in addition to our standard document shredding solutions. How exactly does this work? It’s simple: we destroy hard drives, mobile devices, computers and more just as if they were documents and best of all, its completed right on-site at your location so you aren’t forced to transfer electronic parts off your property.

Importance of Professional Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives are designed to store thousands of fragments of recoverable information even after you think you’ve “deleted” or wiped the drive clean. This is exactly what allows information recovery businesses to operate; that file you thought was deleted ages ago might still exist on a hard drive in a less visible, albeit recoverable form.

Technological advancements in data recovery have sparked a new ability for hackers and dumpster divers to recover vast amounts of information from hard drives that are simply tossed away. This is primarily in part to:

  • Evolving and accessible data recovery techniques and technologies that continue to grow and evolve.
  • The near-impossibility of completely wiping electronic components so that they are rendered 100% free from data.

Convenient, Fast, and Secure Hard Drive Destruction On-site at Your Location

  • We come to you, so you don’t have to be removed from your work day! Our team of professionals will arrive on-site on your scheduled service date with our mobile shred trucks, completely equipped with the necessary equipment to destroy your hard drives once and for all. You can even witness the shredding take place in person if you wish!

This hard drive destruction service can be completed in an extremely timely, efficient and affordable manner. Services can be scheduled routinely or on a purge-basis depending on your particular needs. Following the destruction of your hard drives, we send the scrap to trusted recycling partners. This process is of course environmentally responsible as well!

A1 DATASHRED ensures our approach reflects key industry standards listed under HIPAAHITECHFACTA and more. If you’d like to speak to us about the additional benefits of hard drive destruction for your business, get in touch with us today!

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your unique needs and propose our professional advice as to what we think would work for your business.

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May 7, 2019