With over 16 years of combined experience, A1 DATASHRED is the most professional, cost-effective and trusted shredding company.

Office Shredding Services in MA

We make it easy for every type of business to securely destroy their paper records when and where they need it done in Massachusetts.  Whether you need a one-time purge or you want to start an ongoing program in your office we can start shredding for you right away if you call us today.

Here Are The East Steps To Shred Business Records

  • Give us a call to choose a service, get a quote and make an appointment.
  • Pick the day you want Monday to Saturday for your service.
  • When we arrive, just show us what you need shredded, we’ll do the rest.
  • Watch your documents being destroyed.

We Shred Your Office Records On-site

Our fleet of commercial shredding trucks allows us to bring document destruction right to your business location or anywhere you have files that need to be destroyed. Our mobile units can shred 6,000 pounds of paper records per hour. That means we can take care of any size shredding project faster than any other alternative you are considering. You will also be able to witness your files being destroyed on a viewing screen on the side of the truck.

Service Choices

One-time File Purges – With our one-time service you can destroy business records once a year or as often as you would like. The frequency is entirely up to you when you have files and documents you want to securely shred. We can make room in your office by reducing cluttered files or we can reduce or eliminate boxed records you have in storage. You just tell us where and when and we will be there.

Schedule Office Shredding Programs – We will set your office up with our locked bins and consoles so whenever you have to throw away a document or file you place it in one of our locked containers. The receptacles will be placed in locations so all of your employees can use them. We will come to your office on an ongoing schedule to empty the containers and shred the deposited papers. Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Need something a little different we can create a custom schedule for you.

Shredding Events Generate Business – Host a shredding event to introduce your company to new clients or as a thank you to existing customers. We bring one of our state of the art paper shredding trucks to your office parking lot or any public area you get authorization to use. Then we will shred the documents your guests bring. While we are shredding you can focus on your guests. Shredding events are charged by the hour they run from 2 to 8 hours during the week or 3 to 8 hours on weekends. Most firms choose 3 or 4 hour events.

What You Should Shred – More than half of all documents you discard every day in your office have some piece of information on them that privacy laws require they get shredded when they are being thrown away. Don’t take chances to shred every document that is being discarded.

Give A1 DataShred a call today to get a quote and make an appointment.

October 17, 2020