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Have you seen suspicious charges on your credit card? Has confidential employee information leaked at the office? When documentation lands in the hands of the wrong person, your privacy, finances, and life could be at risk. There’s only one way to prevent this invasion of your personal life or business – Time Shred. Call us today and enjoy peace of mind tomorrow.

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When residents and businesses in Athol need to get rid of paperwork safely and conveniently, they don’t use the trash. They use A1 DATASHRED. Our industrial shredders are available Monday through Saturday, offering everything from a one-time shred to next-day service and regularly scheduled shredding programs. Simply pick up the call and talk to one of our team members to get a quote right away and set up your for as soon as tomorrow.

Shredding on Wheels

When the garbage trucks take your trash, are you certain it’s gone for good? With our mobile shredding service, you’ll know for sure. Our fleet of paper-shredding trucks is ready to ride on over to your location to destroy your confidential documentation – and best of all, you can watch! Operated by uniformed technicians, our mobile shredders come with

Custom Shredding for Your Unique Corporate Needs

One-time Shredding – Whether your Athol business just has a lot of old business records to get rid of or you finished a project that has left you with an overload of unneeded paperwork, sometimes a one-time shred is all you need. Our on-demand purge service is the perfect solution. Simply give us a call to make an appointment.

Scheduled Shredding – When you’re running a business, one piece of paper can contain enough information to destroy you if it isn’t destroyed properly. With our scheduled shredding service, you have the most secure and convenient solution at your disposal. We’ll place locked containers at your location so you can deposit papers as needed and our team will arrive to empty it for shredding on an ongoing schedule.

Residential Shredding You Can Trust

Every resident knows exactly when garbage night is, but do you know what happens to that trash as it sits outside your home? Are you sure you’re really getting rid of it when the garbage truck takes it away? Identity thieves have no qualms about digging through your trash to find confidential information that you assumed was safely disposed of. Why not have A1 DATASHRED securely shred them for you? When you use our residential shredding service, you can enjoy the certainty of knowing your privacy is protected with a truck and a shredding expert taking care of it.

Simple Hard Drive Destruction

Every computer or external hard drive has a history, and the delete button doesn’t always get rid of it. If you want to throw out an old laptop, don’t rely on bulk trash. Rely on our on-site hard drive destruction. We’ll come to your location to physically destroy any trace of information that lives in your device.

When You Demand Privacy, Trust A1 DATASHRED

We understand your safety and security are always at risk. That’s why we see ourselves as your partner in privacy.  Every piece of paper and every hard drive is destroyed by consummate professionals who sign a confidentiality agreement and undergo annual background checks and drug tests. Because when you demand privacy, you deserve professionalism.

AAA-Certified for Your Certainty

Only the best shredding companies carry the distinction of NAID AAA Certified, and A1 DATASHRED is.  We are recognized by the National Association of Information Destruction for upholding the highest standards when handling confidential information. Our staff is trained to stay current with every security protocol to ensure your confidential documentation is never seen or replicated.

Proud to Be a Green Shredding Company

As vigorously as we protect your privacy, we protect the environment with the same passion. How do we do it? We avoid wasteful practices, loading landfills, and fueling diesel trucks. Instead, you’ll find an eco-friendly fleet, and 17 trees saved every time we shred one ton of paper. Because it’s our planet, too.

If you’re in Athol MA, call for a consultation, quote and appointment today, and start shredding tomorrow.

A proud recipient of the AAA Certification from The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

The NAID Certification Program establishes the highest standards for a secure destruction process including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process and responsible disposal of the shredded paper.