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Secure document shredding services that conveniently comes to your home or business when you need it, are available in Lowell MA when you call A1 Datashred.  Our helpful document shredding team will answer any questions you have, give you an accurate, free quote for our shredding services, and help you set up your first mobile shredding and or electronic recycling appointment.

Everyone Needs Document Destruction Services

Sensitive personal information is everywhere these days – on bank and credit card statements, medical records, legal papers, job applications – and it’s vulnerable to exploitation by identity thieves or your business competitors to hurt you. Certainly, you want to protect your confidential information and, in Massachusetts, businesses are legally obligated to ensure their employees’ and customers’ data are confidential. Don’t take chances by simply tossing your old documents into the trash. Dispose of your paper documents and electronic equipment securely and professionally with A1 Datashred.

A1 Datashred services are:

  • EFFECTIVE. Once a document is shredded by our industrial shredders, it is completely destroyed and impossible for identity thieves and other unsavory people to reconstruct.
  • CONVENIENT. A1 Datashred will come directly to your home or business on the schedule you have selected to shred whatever number of documents you want to have destroyed, from one box to dozens. You don’t have to waste hours shredding your papers in a personal shredder, hauling them to an off-site shredding location, or worrying about whether they will be stolen from your trash can. And you will gain peace of mind knowing those documents are destroyed right outside your front door.
  • FAST. Our advanced mobile shredding trucks can process up to 6,000 pounds – that’s 3 tons – of paper in an hour.
  • AFFORDABLE. A1 Datashred’s pricing structure is based on the volume of documents you want to be destroyed and how often. When you call, we will give you a free, no-obligation quote right over the phone. It’s transparent, upfront, easy to understand, and there will be no surprise add-on charges.

PROFESSIONAL AND CERTIFIED. A1 Datashred has earned AAA Certification from the National Association of Information Destruction, confirming that we exceed the highest standards for professionalism and security in the shredding industry.

On-Site Document Destruction

A1 Datashred is a mobile service with a fleet of state-of-the-art paper shredding trucks that can be dispatched to your location anywhere in Lowell. Your documents are placed into one of our locked security bins (we can provide one or more to you). The bin is then taken to the truck, where your documents are hoisted inside by an automated system and emptied directly into the shredder to be destroyed. You can even watch on the monitor installed on the side of the truck.

One-time Shredding of Business Records

Our one-time purge service is ideal for business customers who only need occasional shredding. We can service any frequency, any quantity, and at any time during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Scheduled Document Destruction Programs

Our shredding services can be scheduled to occur more often to avoid large accumulations of old documents and to provide enhanced information protection. We will provide you with locking containers to be placed conveniently throughout your Lowell, MA, office. Your staff places the documents to be destroyed into the containers where they will be safely stored until we arrive to shred them. You can schedule the service either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Residential Shredding

Don’t let your personal papers get into the wrong hands.  Let our residential shredding service destroy them so you don’t become an identity theft victim.  We will come to your home to destroy all those old tax returns, medical records, or any other personal files you want to dispose of.  You will be able to watch our shredding truck destroy your papers.

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A proud recipient of the AAA Certification from The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

The NAID Certification Program establishes the highest standards for a secure destruction process including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process and responsible disposal of the shredded paper.