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Placing Shred Bins Around Your Office

One of the great advantages of receiving on site shredding services are the secure shred bins used as part of the process. They’re ability to securely collect documents awaiting shredding keeps you on top of compliance needs. So that’s good and all, but what are the considerations when placing these things? Sizing, ease of access, and common paper waste areas are all good ways to plan your bin placement.

Shred Bin Sizing

First thing is first. What size bin do you need? This is going to depend on a few factors: size of available space, and amount of material to be shredded. So what kind of space do you have? Obviously a smaller office is going to have less overall compared to a larger office, but you may be surprised where you can find some.

Is there an awkward corner that nothing really fits into well? Could be a good spot for a bin. Maybe those boxes in the corner can be cleared out and suddenly you have a new spot something can go in. With a surplus of space you can get a nice large bin, when space is an issue one of the desk consoles might be the way to go.

If you produce a large amount of files regularly, a larger bin is probably what you’d need. You could go another way and just decide to have scheduled service come more often. Whatever option you would go with just make sure it won’t leave any gaps on your compliance responsibilities.

Ease Of Access

Now that bin sizing has been taken care of, finding places to put them that won’t disrupt the office while still being easy to get to is the next step. If you only use the desk consoles or other small units, then this will be a simple process. For bigger bins this can be more challenging, hopefully while you were sizing up the available space you made note of places you can put these. If those spaces ended up not being easy to get to then it might be necessary to shuffle some things around.

Wherever the bins end up, it needs to be easy access for your staff. A streamlined and easy to learn document disposal procedure helps to lessen any information breaches that could occur. While some might be concerned about having easy access to their containers for security reasons, fear not, remember that they are locked at all times until shredding is happening.

Paper Waste Areas

This leads us finally to places where paper waste is likely to occur. Think of your office printer and photocopier. Sometimes those devices go wrong, and what do you do when a page doesn’t print properly? You toss it of course. So what happens if that page had really sensitive information on it? Placing a bin as close to this area as possible will reduce the risks being taken here.

It all comes down to the three things talked about here: shred bin sizing, ease of access, and paper waste areas. Keeping these three points in mind when choosing where to place bins will keep you on the right track. Infact, professional shredders will do the thinking for you if you happen to be bogged down in your work. Why not just ask one of them to help you out?

February 17, 2020