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Securing Your Documents While Working At Home

If you’ve had the fortune to have your work switch to a remote footing, you may have been producing business records at your home for a number of weeks now. While it is always important to be on top of shredding compliance, there are times when you need to retain documents instead of just shredding them. While that is of course fine where necessary, what you need to make sure you are doing is storing them someplace secure. How do we define secure, and what can we do when faced with limited options? Let’s go over it.

What’s Considered Secure Storage?

So you’ve identified your documents to store, and are pondering the best way to do that. Below are some common secure storage options at home.

Desks And File Cabinets

These are probably the most likely options most people newly working at home will have. Desks with a lockable drawer are a decent option, though the quality of lock can vary a large degree. Chances are you’ll be fine using one of these since you are living and working in the same space everyday, but just keep in mind that they are not a perfect solution. The same logic applies to a file cabinet as does a desk drawer. A simple and good organization will also go a long way for you, and make sure you are shredding the documents as soon as you are required to in order to maximize safety.


A good old fashioned safe, perhaps the most secure option you could go for should you choose it. While it may not be the most convenient option, it is hard to beat the security offered by a safe. Safes are best used with the philosophy of “out of sight, out of mind”, so keep them some place people won’t casually see. While you don’t need a massive wall safe that’s secured right into the frame of the building, one that won’t be easy for someone to carry away is always a wise choice.

What About Documents Ready to be Shredded?

Not only do your important documents need to be stored securely, but documents you plan on having shredded must be kept secure as well.

Normally in an office that is set up for this you would find shred bins set up that you can drop documents in. Chances are you don’t have these at home, but you could if your need is great enough. Now it’s very unlikely that you will need the large bins, chances are you don’t have the space for them, luckily there are smaller options.

They come in a number of sizes, from consoles that easily fit in next to a desk, or larger units perfect for a room corner. These secure containers are by far your best options for secure storage. They are designed to easily fit into your work space, and are locked units with only a letter slot on top to allow papers in. As the professional choice, we can’t recommend these enough, especially with their compatibility with our residential shredding service.

If it is not practical to seek out a shred bin at this time, you’ll have to rely on what you have at hand. Making sure you have a separate lockable filing cabinet or safe for documents waiting to be shredded might be all you need. Just make sure you keep your end-of-life documents away from your retained documents. Accidentally putting a document in the wrong cabinet could have dire consequences.

For those who are solely digital, you also need to be safe with your data, but that is another topic already talked about. At the end of the day, if you are safe with your information and stay on top of compliance, you’ll get through this with no issues.

April 22, 2020