Shredding Containers

Our Security Containers and Carts

A1 Datashred will provide your organization with security containers and consoles free of charge to be placed conveniently throughout your office so it will be easy for you and your staff to dispose of your confidential business records in a secure manner. You will no longer put any files in to open waste baskets to eliminate the possibility of a data breach with your paper documents from the regular trash. The use of our shredding containers will help you institute and maintain a “Shred All” Policy to be compliant with all federal and state privacy laws concerning the proper and secure disposal of private information.

The Importance of Secure Shredding Containers

You have an ethical and legal responsibility to protect information on paper documents. The ethical responsibility is to your clients, patients and employees. They entrust you with their private information and you need to protect that information at all times. The legal responsibility is the requirement to be compliant with Federal and State Privacy Laws. These laws require you to take reasonable steps to protect private information even when it is being disposed of. Our security containers will help you be compliant with your ethical and legal responsibilities because your papers will be stored under lock and key. All of our containers remain locked and the only time they are unlocked is when our staff comes to your office to empty them and shred the contents. All of the containers have easy access paper slots for quick deposits and they never have to be unlocked to add documents for destruction

Our containers come in various sizes to accommodate any office layout.

Security Console

Security Console

Dimensions:15.5” D x 21.75” W x 34″H
Capacity: 70 lbs.

Our security consoles are a perfect addition to any office. They blend in with any office motif since they look more like a piece of furniture that a shredding container. They have an easy access paper slot so your staff can quickly deposit their papers for destruction.

The Shredinator

The Shredinator

Dimensions: 30 “H x 11″W x 20″D
Capacity: 60 lbs

The Shredinator is a slim line shredding container that is made to fit into those tight areas such as a nurse’s station or a thin area between work stations. The top of the container has a drop slot for fast and easy depositing of papers. The thin design makes sure a secure container is never far away regardless of space restriction.

The Master 65 Cart

The Master 65 Cart

Dimensions: 27.5” D x 24.5” W x 46” H
Capacity: 200-250 lbs

The Master Cart is for our customers that have a larger volume of paper to destroy. They are made of durable plastic and are on wheels so they are easy to move around your office so they can always be placed in temporary convenient locations for your staff to use for purge projects. They are also perfect for file rooms and copy centers where you have a greater volume of paper disposal. They have an easy access chute to deposit larger amounts of paper at one time and can hold 200 pounds of paper.

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