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Summer Slow-Down? Take Advantage of this Time for Business Processes

Many small companies will at some time face a period of slowdown; usually these quiet months occur during the summer, where of course customers are at their cottage, spending time with their families and generally enjoying the sunny weather.

Of course a landscaping company may just be getting into their hectic schedule, but if you own a massage therapy clinic, you might witness a decline in appointments because families are focused on enjoying family time.

If you are a business that unavoidably goes through a slow period in the summer, there are some ways to use this time to your advantage; in fact, you can turn this slump into a very productive couple of months if you know where to direct your attention. This is the perfect opportunity to transition your focus on areas of your business you normally don’t have the time for and therefore take a backseat the rest of the year.

take advantage of the summer slow down

Work on Your Small Business Skills

Slow periods of business present an ideal time for employee training. Whether you take part in a regional seminar, go to a conference, or improve your skills through online classes, you can easily take this time to fine-tune your skills and experience.

Shift Your Focus to Office Organization and Document Management

Keep in mind that an organized and clutter-free office is not only a productive one but a secure one as well. Take advantage of this time to sort through your office files; determine what needs to be stored, filed, and securely shred. Clean out desk drawers, cabinets and any other areas in which you may have sensitive documents piling up. Take this clean-up approach and use it with your electronic information as well; get your electronic files, emails, and computer filing system structured and clean.

Revisit and Make Any Appropriate Changes to Your Marketing Initiatives

If you haven’t revisited your marketing plans yet, why not take a look at your marketing goals, initiatives, and any other promotions or sales tactics that you may or may not wish to adjust. Summer is the time to dive deep into your analytics, making alterations to marketing plans as needed; determine what to change and what to keep so you are fully prepared to carry out such plans come the fall season.

Consider Asking for Client Feedback

If you already have a customer satisfaction survey you turn to in an effort to obtain feedback, take a good look at it and if you don’t have one, now is a great time to create one. Keep the survey simple and quick and try to focus on 2–3 specific areas only. Of course make sure you also ask open-ended question at the end. Also, consider requesting that your clients provide you with a testimonial or review so you can use this as part of your online marketing initiatives.

If you’ve implemented these tactics and still find you are in need of something to tackle, why not take a small vacation from your business as well! In some cases, this is a mentally healthy decision as it gives you a break and a chance to regroup and relax; in the end, you will feel motivated and refreshed with a clear mind. Once business picks up again you’ll be more than prepared to take it on successfully!

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July 25, 2018