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The Three Advantages of Residential Shredding

The Three Advantages of Residential Shredding

Many homeowners have boxes or piles of paper taking up space in their home or garage, whether it be old tax documents, bank statements, or documents with personal or sensitive information. Instead of throwing them away or doing the shredding yourself with a personal shredder, which can be a giant headache. The best solution is to make an appointment with your local professional shredding company for a residential shredding service.

So what are the advantages? This blog post will discuss what a shredding service is, the benefits of residential shredding, and the process so you know why you need a residential shredding service.

What is a Residential Shredding Service?

A shredding service is done by a professional shredding company. It is used by large companies, small businesses, hospitals, and even homeowners. A residential service is when the shredding company comes to a home-owners house to provide on-site shredding, which means that the shredding is done right then, and there is a mobile shredding truck.

Advantages of Residential Shredding

One of the most significant advantages of paper shredding is that it is secure and safe, unlike throwing out personal documents and being hauled away by a trash truck. Using this type of service means that you are working with a company that’s job is protecting your sensitive information—having safety protocols in place to ensure that your documents are shredded securely. This is a good thing, whether you are trying to protect sensitive information or simply wish to maintain privacy.

The second advantage of residential shredding is that it can help protect the environment. When shredding the paper yourself, by-products are often left in the garbage instead of being recycled. When you use a shredding company, they make sure to take all the shredded bits of paper to a recycling facility to be made into other paper products.

The last advantage is saving time and money. For example, if you have a large amount of paper to shred, it can take you days if you are using a personal shredder. However, when you use a shredding company, they can shred that pile of paper in minutes. Not only that, but the cost of buying the shredder itself and the cost of maintenance and repairs can add up.

Residential Shredding Process

Here are the steps of the shredding process, so you have a good understanding of what’s to come with your residential shredding service.

  • Call your local shredding company. Before doing this, there are a couple of things you need to look out for. The first thing is you want to make sure that they are NAID certified; this means that they follow the highest standards for secure destruction. The next thing is you want to make sure that they provide a residential shredding service.
  • Choose your service and schedule your shredding appointment.
  • Collect all the documents you need shredded.
  • Wait until your shredding appointment.
  • When your shredding appointment arrives, the shredding team will arrive on time, ready to start shredding. All you need to do is point the team in the right direction of the documents you need shredded, and they handle the rest. You can even watch your documents being shredded.

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June 28, 2021