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What Can And Can’t Go In A Shred Bin

When you need a safe collection place for your sensitive documents in the office, you should get shred bins placed in strategic locations. The bins offer a convenient and secure way for you to implement document disposal. Sometimes though, people can get confused about what exactly should and should not get placed into the bins. Let’s clear that up now so you can get on with your information security.
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What Does Go In A Shred Bin

The list of what goes in is very straight forward. Any kind of sensitive documents you may have belong in this bin. Any and all print outs, letters, official documents, medical records, etc. Anything containing sensitive information. You can even throw in the envelopes, folders, staples, and paper clips that are included with them if you want, the shredders can easily handle them.

What Does Not Go Into A Shred Bin

Now we come to the real meat and potatoes of the issue: what you don’t put in. The list we’ll go over is short and sweet, and may seem very obvious, but sometimes people need a friendly reminder about what should and shouldn’t be done.

Assorted Garbage / Recycling

Since we are talking about shredding bins, you obviously do not use it to throw away your trash or recycling. It’s entirely possible that a rather cheeky individual might decide slipping some trash into your shred bins is a good way to get rid of some stuff, but you’ll only be creating trouble. Lets avoid doing this as it is irresponsible, and dishonest.


Most people know by this point about the destruction of electronics being the only safe way to dispose of them. Some may be tempted to throw a few old hard drives and USB sticks into their bin with the papers. There are some serious risks with doing this, which is why the processes are different. Electronics have heavy metals in them, in addition they may have batteries as well. These chemicals could, if given the right conditions, break down and leak toxins into your bin, presenting a hazard to anyone who uses it.

Additionally, batteries could leak their acid into the bin with similar results. Lithium-ion batteries, which are extremely common these days, can also pose a fire risk in the right conditions. Do you want to have a fire hazard in a bin full of papers in the corner of your office? Probably not.

Stick To Its Purpose

Secure shredding bins have their specific purpose, that is the safe disposal of sensitive information in support of your information security procedure. We can help you out with that should you need it. Bins, used properly, and a full suit of services.

September 30, 2020