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Why a Sustainable Workplace is Important for Your Business

In recent years, it has become evident that sustainability has become an area of interest for consumers and businesses, and many business owners are adopting new ways in which they can reduce their overall carbon footprint.  Not only do more and more businesses take this into consideration, consumers are looking for this important quality prior to purchasing services and/or goods. Employees are also seeking job opportunities with companies who place a major emphasis on sustainability as well. The importance of having clean water and air is a clear one of course, and more and more consumers and businesses are starting to see that behaving in environmentally friendly ways not only helps to achieve this but can also bring about many other benefits as well.

Maintaining a sustainable workplace comes with so many incredible advantages. Here are just a few reasons your team should seriously consider whether it could improve its sustainability efforts internally.

Appealing to Top Talent

There are many components of a job that can make or break whether it will appeal to certain employees, but one of the most attractive factors for top-talent employees are what the company values. These top-tier employees are typically drawn towards businesses who reflect similar values, and for many nowadays this can refer to a high stance on improved sustainability.

Attractive Quality to Millennial’s Seeking Sustainable Careers

As stated by, 90% of millennials consider sustainability to be a top factor in employment related decisions. Given that millennial’s are joining the workforce at rapid pace, this will become a top employment factor for several new and young individuals seeking to start their career following school. With this in mind, if you’re hoping to appeal to young and eager talent, ensuring you’ve adopted and are maintaining sustainable policies in your workplace, will contribute to gaining this group of talented and green conscious individuals.

Amplified Market Value

According to the Economist, studies reveal that there is a positive association between a company’s corporate social responsibility efforts and their stock price. Social media platforms are increasingly being used to publicly share the good and the bad when it comes to customer service performance provided by an organization. With this in mind, public image has become more crucial than ever before for the success of businesses.

Another potential reason for this trend is the operational assistance and productivity that is gained when using a sustainable approach in everyday business. For instance, internet teleconferencing is a simple, effective and easy way to communicate with clients and other partners across the world, all in real time.  This allows for growth opportunities that otherwise may not be available. No need for traveling by car to discuss ideas, plans, or concerns when it can all be done from a computer. This incredible avenue of communication means huge travel expense savings for companies that operate on an international level. Lower fuel consumption levels and more efficient discussions; it’s a win-win scenario for all.

Save on Costs Over Time

As a business owner you will realize quickly how much money you save when you swap out certain solutions for sustainable ones. For instance, LED lighting doesn’t use nearly as much electricity as standard halogen or fluorescent, and bulb duration time lasts much longer before burning out. What does this mean for your business? You can benefit from substantial savings when it comes to how much you’re spending on lighting. Due to the fact that LED bulbs are also becoming cheaper, this also means you’ll save on maintaining lighting systems as well.

A1 DATASHRED Can Provide You with Sustainable Services

Have old hard drives kicking around? Do not toss these in the recycling bin or garbage can. For one, there are toxins that can enter our landfills and pollute our environment causing harm to animals and people, but secondly there are numerous sensitive files stored on one hard drive alone; if someone were to access it without your knowledge, they could do some serious damage including information theft.

A1 DATASHRED provides hard drive destruction services as well as electronic waste recycling services, to help your business remain green.  Looking for document shredding services? Our on-site and off-site document shredding services reflect the highest industry standards and ensure your information stays safe. Not only that, all paper particles leftover from the shredding process are collected for proper recycling. Don’t throw confidential documents away without shredding them first; doing so will put your identity at risk

Looking for more ways to make your business “green?”

June 10, 2019