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Advantages of Secure Document Shredding for Your Financial Institution

It is more imperative than ever, for organizations of all specializations and sizes take the necessary precautions to protect private business matters.  With that said, financial institutions and banks have an even higher expectation to maintain confidentiality for their business and clients, as the bulk of data dealt with pertains to financial details.

Operating and managing a bank comes with many key accountabilities and procedures that must be put in place to keep confidential information private. Failing to safeguard this data could lead to exposure, leaving your customers extremely vulnerable. Information theft continues to be an increasing concern and could be threatening to the reputation you’ve worked hard to create. Be sure you are taking the steps needed are storing records when necessary and securely shredding those documents that need protection.

At A1 DATASHRED we realize how challenging it can be to manage hundreds of documents that are bound to circulate throughout your office, especially when you are spending all of your time focusing on day to day business tasks that require your 100% dedication. Our solutions are in place to make it easy for you; no stress or hassle when it comes to this process because our professional team will look after you entirely. Our flexible document shredding services are convenient as they can get, performed directly at your location for your security. On the other hand if preferred, we can collect your sensitive records and transport them to our facility for destruction purposes. Our shredding services will help dramatically in keeping your company compliant, as we will design a customized schedule and program with you that meet your needs and budgetary requirements. Of course we’ll also ensure that shredding is completed to align with your institution’s due diligence and document shredding policy.  We guarantee our clients’ security and keep information protected from the minute it’s in our hands, through until the shredding is carried out. Customer information will never leave our secure chain of custody until it has been adequately destroyed.

How does the shred process work anyways? A qualified shred specialist will, with your agreement and supervision, collect your private documents and proceed to shred at your location or at our secure facility. Our highly advanced shred technology and equipment will shred in seconds what would probably take numerous hours to complete with an office shredder. Shredding is executed with ease and little distraction, and at the end of each shred job, we’ll present you with a “Certificate of Destruction” for your records, which clearly outlines the secure shredding did in fact take place the way you were told. Keep this for peace of mind and for your own personal records, if it is at all needed down the road.

A1 DATASHRED provides clients with reliable and compliant services, working with the following industries:

  • Local & Regional Banks
  • Brokerages
  • Trust Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Investment Firms
  • Title Companies

Banks are legally obliged to shred multiple documents such as members’ checks, statements, and reports. Our team is here to help you improve your document control system. A1 DATASHRED wants to save you time and money; take advantage of our effective solutions!

Get in touch with our professionals to set up a suitable shredding schedule for your financial institution.  We are also more than pleased to speak to you about our destruction services. Interested in prices? Ask for a free, no-obligation quote.

May 4, 2018